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  • Transparency - price discovery for both the producer and the buyer.

  • The Agriculture Produce Agents Council regulates the way Dapper conducts business and ensures YOU, the producers are paid.

  • Payment in 5 days after the products has been sold (This is Legislation) – better cash flow.

  • We develop a trust relationship with the producer, which leads to effective representation of you, the producer at the Sales end point.

  • Dapper Market Agents deal with all the nitty gritty terms of trade with chains store and wholesalers.

  • Dapper serves as a central marketing system thus reducing your costs.

  • Agents sells the entire product basket, from the best to less good.

  • Make the best of all fresh produce market segments, from hawker to biggest buyer.

  • Dapper has equal access to the same quality and quantities as needed.

  • Producers are able to measure up their natural foods products against competitors on the floor.

  • Benefit from in-time marketing intelligence from market agents in regards to market statuses.

  • Dapper is in a position to promptly give you the necessary feedback in the johannesburg Fresh Produce Market.

  • Dapper market agents can provide packaging, consumer trends, and product advice, etc.

How to work with us

  1. Please read our guidelines on how our process works. Your best interests are at heart

  2. Send your produce with a detailed delivery note

  3. Ensure that your Produce is marked correctly (see Legislature)

  4. When your produce is received we will report back to your about it's condition

  5. You will receive feedback via a fax, email or phone call

  6. Market commission is set at 5% and agents' commission is determined according to product

  7. Cold storage and ripening available at favourable rates

  8. Proceeds will be paid according to your preference

Documents for the Producer

Before we get you on your journey with us as your preferred Market Agent, please have a look at the following documents needed to begin the process

Summary of Packaging Requirements

It is important to know what the requirements for packaging of fresh produce, in accordance with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

For eg:  Requirements for containers:

  • Containers in which fresh vegetables are packed in shall

    • be intact, clean, suitable and strong

    • not impart a taste or odour 

    • be free from foreign matter

Producer Agreement Form

To begin our working relationship and the start of many fruits and vegetable boxes sold, we will need you to sign our agreement form, which provides us with your banking details and particulars for our filing.

Other Important Documents

Cultivation of Garlic Document  

Advantages of Dapper Fresh Produce Market Agents

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