Over 50 Years.

Old school values and work ethics, we take our business seriously with a a truck load of passion.


Quality Produce.

Your Fruit and Vegetables are sourced from the best of the market.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables sourced from local markets.

Dapper was built when bread was 2c and you could go to the movies for a tickie. Since then not much has changed. Of course we have employed the use of electrical equipment, computers and so forth, but our values are the same and how we sell our farm fresh produce hasn't changed either. Our commitment to providing you with the old school treatment is unparalleled. 

Dapper Agencies (PTY) Ltd was founded in 1954 by Mr Phillip Mazaham at the old Market building, in Newtown, in downtown Johannesburg. It is the oldest fresh produce agency in Johannesburg and Probably in the country. Uncle Phil, as he was fondly referred to by his friends and colleagues, will always be remembered for his loyalty and fairness.

Dapper Market Agents, based in the Johannesburg fresh market source the best natural fruits & vegetables from the local market. Natural foods such as our large store of citrus fruits, stone fruits and many other fruits and vegetable providing the best health food for our consumers.

  • Quality Checking
  • Contactable Staff
  • Largest Variety

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The Joburg Market

Dapper is logistically placed in the Joburg Market.

Centre for the marketing of fresh produce in SA.
Tel: +27 (0)11 992 8000
Fax: + 27 11 613 2537

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Store your fuit and veg correctly